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Small steps

2017-01-13 00:56:34 by BoredAllNight

Small steps to the goal


It's been a long day

2016-12-10 22:50:38 by BoredAllNight

It's been a long time.  And I mean a long time.  I underestimated my job and school.  Finals are done.  I can rest and recharge.  Then get back to this project.  

New Lighting

2016-10-06 16:19:59 by BoredAllNight


You’ll notice that I removed the textures, that is because I spent some time studying lighting (crash course tutorials) and how the light behaves, especially with the program I am using.  I also increased the fps for a smoother rotation.

To see the 360 preview, I uploaded it to the site


Too dark? XD

2016-09-06 01:46:38 by BoredAllNight


Pre-visual for the next PARALLEL Game.   Too dark?  I heard the last one was lol!

Back to Parallel

2016-07-27 19:37:34 by BoredAllNight

Ok, got my distraction out of the way.  I finished Skyflower, which I started about 3 years ago, and now I can resume work on the Parallel series.

PS:  I hear the previous Parallel game was too dark  XD

End of July

2016-07-25 12:23:29 by BoredAllNight

What a month.  I finally finished my summer classes, but work is filling the void.  Yes I have been doing the Parallel series, but there is a lot of writing and art still.   So to distract myself, so I dont burn out, I ended up continuing a project from 3 years ago.  Its about being a firework.  Random right?



The next project is underway.  I finished the story and the plot and stuff, now it's down to the art and coding.  Honestly, the coding isn't bad, the art is the one that takes the most time



I know there were issues with the darkness, so if you  have a suggestion about the lighting, let me know!